Dates and Fees

                                                                DELF B1                                   DELF B2                              DALF C1                         DALF C2

Fees for Isefe students       :           80 euros                                   120 euros                             160 euros                      170 euros

Fees for other individuals :          110 euros                                  140 euros                             170 euros                      180 euros




Exam Date                                    19/10/2017                             19/10/2017                             20/10/2017                 20/10/2017



Exam Date                                    14/12/2017                             14/12/2017                             15/12/2017                 15/12/2017



Exam Date                                    18/01/2018                             18/01/2018                             19/01/2018                 19/01/2018



Exam Date                                    15/03/2018                             15/03/2018                             16/03/2018                 16/03/2018



Exam Date                                    17/05/2018                             17/05/2018                             18/05/2018                 18/05/2018



Exam Date                                    14/06/2018                           14/06/20187                           15/06/2018                15/06/2018



French-language studies diploma/ Advanced French-language diploma

Intended audience?

Any foreign candidate and French citizens coming from non-Francophone countries and who do not possess a secondary or higher education diploma validated by the French government who wants to certify their level of French proficiency.

What is the DELF/DALF?

The DELF and the DALF are official diplomas issued by the French Ministry of Education certify French proficiency.

The tests?

The 6 diplomas that compose the DELF and the DALF are totally independent.  Therefore the candidate, based on their level, can register directly for the exam of their choice.

Each exam evaluates four aspects of the language: listening comprehension, speaking, reading comprehension and writing.

To succeed?

To pass the exam you must score at least 50/100 and not have received less than 05/25 on any one of the parts of the exam.

When will I get the results?

The results are sent by mail one and a half months after taking the exam and are accompanied by a certificate if you succeeded. 

The diplomas are printed in Paris, so there is a delay of 6 months to receive them.

Validity of the results?

The Delf and Dalf are diplomas; therefore they are valid for a lifetime.

If I fail the test?

You can retake the test as many times as you need, as soon as you receive the results of your first attempt.